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Borrowing Materials

Present your library card at the check out desk to borrow items.

* The library is now lending Kindle e-Readers. Present your library card as well as a current photo ID to borrow Kindles. Please read our Kindle POLICY for more information.

Loan periods

Item Type

Fiction, Nonfiction, Audio Books, Graphic Novels / Comic Books

New Adult Fiction, Magazines, DVDs & Videocassettes

Children's DVD's & Videocassettes

Loan Period

14 Days

7 Days

7 Days

Only two week loan materials may be renewed for an additional two weeks in person, by telephone, or online. Overdue materials and materials on reserve lists may not be renewed. Materials borrowed from other libraries may be renewable at the discretion of the loaning library.

Borrowing Limits

The maximum number of item per category which may be borrowed on a library card at any one time is as follows:

Adult Cards

Young People's Cards