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Meeting Room Reservations

Meeting Room Use Policy

The Chicago Heights Public Library makes its meeting rooms available as “designed and limited forums”
for meetings and programs to:
  • Library staff, Board of Trustees, and board committees;
  • Library programs;
  • Organizations and committees in which the library is involved;
  • Local government agencies;
  • Non-profit organizations and community groups;
  • Businesses within Library boundaries in need of space to conduct a meeting or training.

Meeting room use applications must be made by card holders over the age of 18 and in good standing
with the Library. The person registering must be in attendance for the entirety of the event. At their
discretion, the Director may waive the library card requirement for local governmental agencies.

Use Guidelines

  • Meeting rooms may not be used for:
    • Fundraising
    • Social Occasions
    • Commercial meetings in which products or services are solicited
    • Any activities that would interfere with library functions
  • There is a $25 fee per each use of the meeting room. This fee may be waived if the group is
    working in conjunction/partnering with the library.
  • Meeting rooms may be reserved for a given organization/group no more than six times per year,
    with limited exceptions for short-term programs at the Director’s discretion.
  • Meetings may only be held during regular Library hours and must be vacated at least 15 minutes
    before closing.
  • Meetings must be open to the public and not restricted to the group’s own membership. Library
    personnel must have free access to the rooms at all times.
  • Staff is not available to assist in carrying items, setting up, or cleaning the room. Storage is not
    available before or after the meeting. Rooms must be left in neat, clean, and orderly condition.
  • All attendees must abide by the Library’s Behavior Policy
  • Groups of children under the age of 18 must have an adult sponsor present. One sponsor is
    required for every 10 children.
  • Organizations must abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • The Library does not assume liability for groups or individuals hosting or attending a
    meeting/event or for their any equipment, supplies, materials, clothing, or other items brought
    into the Library.
  • Organizations must not use the Library as a point of contact. Promotional materials may not use
    the Library logo or suggest that the Library is sponsoring the event. Use of the room does not
    imply the endorsement of the organization.
  • Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Light snacks and beverages may be served,
    however there is no option for heating or storage of food.
  • All activities must take place inside the requested room. No signage may be place in the
  • Reservations must be made using the Library’s application form and should be made at least 72
    hours in advance. Reservations will not be accepted longer than 3 months in advance.

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